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Because a one-day visit to our Center is not enough to kindle and maintain students’ enthusiasm, we train teachers so the students have a continuity of learning after the hands-on excitement.  We do this by conducting workshops and seminars that provide instruction not available in teacher education programs.  Instruction at the Center includes content knowledge in physics, chemistry, electricity, etc., and methods of teaching inquiry-based science that leads the students to correct answers and engages them in the process of critical thinking.  Teachers and students are taught the use of technology (e.g., probes that measure temperature, pressure, salinity, pH, sound levels, etc. and transmit data to computer software) to conduct classroom experiments that demonstrate scientific principles in easily observed and measured ways.

The Center has also developed a “library” of classroom resources, including the probes described above and self-contained kits for use in the classroom.  The latter provide standards-based lesson plans and materials for hands-on activities that are grade-appropriate.  The kits include experiment supplies, books, curriculum mapping – everything that the teachers need to do the experiments.

Exhibit Bingo and Exhibit Scavenger Hunt:  One way to enhance and/or focus your field trip to the Math & Science Center is by having your class play "exhibit bingo" or go on an "exhibit scavenger hunt".  The following links provide instructions and templates that you may print and review with your students prior to visiting the Center.  Please contact Bambi Harmon (; 970-254-1626) for further information or to schedule an "exhibit bingo/exhibit scavenger hunt" visit for your class.

         Instructions for Exhibit Bingo

         Exhibit Bingo Grid Template              Exhibit Bingo Grid Template (K-3rd grades)

         Exhibit Bingo Numbers Template

         Exhibit Bingo Questions                     Exhibit Bingo Questions & Answers        

         Exhibit Scavenger Hunt (K-3rd grades)

         Exhibit Scavenger Hunt Questions & Answers

Classroom Resources

Following is a list of kits and other materials that teachers may check out from the Math & Science Center.  Kits are also available for purchase.  Be sure to check often, because kits will be developed and added to this list regularly.

In addition to providing kits and materials for your classroom, we are also willing to provide Science Fair support for you and your students.  Please contact us if you would like extra science fair support at your school, or support materials for your use.

Science Fair support - please call us at 970-254-1626 or see the resources listed below. 

 Math and Science Kits

Miscellaneous Science Materials That May Be Checked Out

Vernier Probes:  The probes are for elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms and may be useful for science fair projects!  The Math and Science Center is also willing to provide training in the use of the probes if you let us know of your interest. 

Useful Website Links

(Please note that this list is not intended to be exhaustive.  It just provides some resources that we like.)