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Vernier Probes
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The following Vernier Probes are available to be checked out.  We also have the Elementary science lab book, as well as the biology lab book, physical science lab book, and advanced biology lab books that can be checked out!  Probes that are available in class sets are noted -- all others are available as individual probes only.  For more information on the Vernier Probes and their use, please see the website, http://www.vernier.com/.

Class sets
Temperature probe

Dual range force sensor

Magnetic field sensor


pH sensor

250 ml sampling chamber


Single or Double probe sets
Gas pressure sensor (2 probes available)

CO2 gas sensor



Blood pressure  (2 probes available)

EKG sensor

Dissolved oxygen sensor

Respiration monitor belt

hand grip heart rate monitor

light sensor

UVA sensor

UVB sensor


Vernier circuit board

Watts up pro

Power amplifier